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Video: Refaat Alareer on teaching, resistance, and life under occupation

Israeli volunteer: Apache helicopter fired into Kibbutz Be’eri

Fresh testimony reveals how Israel killed captives in Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7

UPDATE: Israeli military spokesperson confirms Uncaptured Media investigation debunking 'babies hung from a clothesline' claim

DEBUNKED: Israel Claims That Hamas Marked Children By Burning Their Legs With Motorcycle Exhaust

Israeli Journalist Retracts ‘Babies Hung on a Clothesline’ October 7 Atrocity Propaganda

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Donated to Israeli Organization That Called to Behead Christians

Pentagon Publishes Proposal For Ethnic Cleansing and Colonization of Gaza; Destruction of Lebanon

General Brik Predicted the October 7 Attack. Now He’s Advising Netanyahu’s Genocidal Assault on Gaza.

Israeli Minister Avi Dichter: "We are now rolling out the Nakba of Gaza."

From the 40 Beheaded Babies Deception to 4,500 Slaughtered Palestinian Children

VIDEO: Hamas Develops 'Excellent Relations' in Multipolar World as Israel Isolates Itself

“Option C” – Israeli Government Policy Paper Lays Out Plan for Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza

Kenya’s Police “Death Squads” Will Soon Arrive in Haiti, if Washington Gets its Way

Israel Will COLLAPSE Under The Weight Of Its Own Contradictions - Dr. Mohammad Marandi

The Secret History of Israel's Role in Genocide in Colombia

CNN reporter who "confirmed" fake beheaded Israeli babies story promoted Libya intervention propaganda in 2011

Exclusive footage: Colombia's social leaders and ex-combatants are being exterminated

U.S. Apparel Industry Endorses Looming Haiti Invasion

Pentagon orders 20,000 depleted uranium munitions per year for Bradley Fighting Vehicles in Ukraine

Zelensky threatened “a fair response" for a dam attack months before Kakhovka destruction

Juan Guaidó's boss struggles to explain how Venezuela is a "dictatorship"

'Bwa Kale' – Haiti erupts into anti-gang uprising

How Zelensky handed over Ukraine's sensitive data to Silicon Valley

BUSTED: Canadian troll farm manufactures consent for Haiti invasion

Associated Press and U.S. Military Intelligence Seek to Discredit #DiedSuddenly

Hamilton 68 developer ran 'false flag operation’ in 2020 Alabama election and wrote Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Russian interference

Fraudster Caroline Orr Bueno Attempts to Link Canadian Trucker Convoy to Russia

The conspiracy theorists were right – the COVID-19 death toll is intentionally inflated

Pentagon contracted Blackwater mercenaries for 'media literacy training' in Ukraine

WATCH Dan Cohen's SHOCKING Investigation into Fauci Underling Peter Hotez

Former Pentagon official: "Many more body bags" needed to achieve regime change in Russia