Uncaptured Media is a multi-media project of investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker Dan Cohen, dedicated to investigating all aspects of the permanent war state, both domestic and abroad. It rejects the obsolete left/right paradigm that divides us along artificial political lines, and focuses on power structures and the figures that enjoy protection from scrutiny by the traditional media class. In short, this outlet is about remaining “uncaptured” by fear and propaganda, the toxic combination that compels us to suspend critical thought, and allows the ruling class to advance its agenda without challenge.

As the U.S. agitates for war against two nuclear superpowers, a technocratic security state emerges from the COVID-19 event and further crises loom, truly independent journalism is needed now more than ever.

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Multi-media investigative journalism. Exposing the permanent war state, domestic and abroad. Founded by Dan Cohen.


Journalist: Uncaptured Media. Documentary filmmaker: Another Vision, Killing Gaza, Gaza Fights Back.