Scott Ritter Predicts Palestine Will Achieve Independent Statehood (2-State solution) in Final Chapter of Hamas "War" - https://tinyurl.com/mtyvm6pt

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Dan- I liked your questions about a possible ceasefire. Israel maintains that it will exterminate Hamas from Palestine . This seems like it will be an ongoing bloodbath. Was this claim by Israel bluster or something like that? Of course talk like that is what makes awake people know that could be mean massive war involving many other nations ( I am simplifying things here but I have a deep understanding of what could happen if Israel destroys more and more high rise buildings and all ...) Netanyahu a globalist?

It sounds simplistic but what did Hamas really hope to achieve?

What remains certain is that the US corporate media cannot be relied on to tell the truth. I believe nothing they say.

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Netanyahu is a sociopathic mass murderer who sees himself as a Christ figure.

Take his threats at face value- he means them and he will most definitely invoke his Sampson Option.

Collectively, Zionist’s hate all Goim…Western white folks, blacks, brown’s all the same subhuman slime to be used and discarded.

The brainwashed “Christian Zionists” in America are a special kind of ignorant fools. They Fawn over Israel with more sincere zeal than that reserved for their supposed savior. Any fool who stands for the Fascist Israel deserves what is coming to him- misery in WW3 and eternal damnation.

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