The weaponization of the charge of antisemitism is the gift that keeps on giving (to Israel, that is).

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Fucking monsters:

Last week, a leading Israeli commentator noted:

“You might think a Presidential visit, presidential speech, three Secretary of State visits, two Secretary of Defence visits, the dispatching of two aircraft carrier groups, a nuclear submarine and Marine expeditionary unit, and the pledge of $14.3 billion in emergency military aid, are testament to the unwavering support the U.S. is extending to Israel” …

“Think again”.

“Underneath the full and robust backing of the Biden administration, there are dangerous and treacherous currents that are chipping away and encroaching on public sympathy for Israel across the United States. Polls released last week contained the most alarming and telling data: Public support for Israel is cratering – particularly amongst the 18 – 34 age group. Another poll shows that 36% of Americans say they oppose additional funding for Ukraine and Israel: Support for funding Israel, only – was at 14%”.


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None of that stuff you talked about matters to a heretical Christian like MTG who believes the nonsense about the Jews building the Third Temple so Jesus can come again, and damn those who refuse to bow down before Him, which is easier to do if all those pesky Jews are in one place.

That's it. That's the whole logic behind Christian Zionism. Pretty stupid, isn't it?

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Marjorie is one of the dumbest people in Congress. It's painful to listen to her! What does this say about her constituents? Let's not think about it :(

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Very unfortunate but some of us understand the Temple Institute and their trickery for support from gentile church bangers using apocalyptic jargon. Never forget that Rabbi Yehuda Glick of the Temple Institute went on to be in the Knesset.

And who can forget Passover 2008 when the Temple Institute with Ariel and Glick performed the public animal sacrifice of a lamb with Glick holding a staff pretending to be Moses.

I have it on video by the way that they did not want leaked to the west.

Let’s be very clear… they will get the Third Temple and have the Red Heifers they need to sacrifice to cleanse the Temple Mount.

They do NOT have to destroy the Dome on the Rock to build the Third Temple because the Threshing Floor of David is under the Dome of the Tablets in perfect alignment to the East Gate.

The Third Temple will set the stage for the Antichrist in fact.

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Oh stop it! I bet MTG didn't even know anything about that organization's background! The average Christian knows nothing about Judaism except for the whitewashed version they get taught in Church . . . the Ten Commandments, and all that garbage about the Jews being "God's Chosen People", etc.! And of course the Christians buy into the ancient Jewish pracices like animal sacrifice, just because of their brainwashing. That was the origin of all their beliefs about blood and death: Jesus's "sacrifice", the "blood of the lamb", etc. Christians are TAUGHT to not think critically about ANY of that stuff. After all, they have to be "Believers" if they want to "go to heaven", remember?

MTG is a genuine Pro-America Patriot. We could use a lot more people like her in this clash of Good versus Evil that REALLY IS HAPPENING! YOU are trying to sow divisiveness and suspicion and discord—exactly what we DON'T need! The Globalist operatives are trying to use the "divide and conquer" strategy against us, and YOU ARE FALLING FOR IT!!!!!!

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Oh, then that Apartheid piece of shit, Musk, forget about that racist Rabbi. Again, Jews in Israel are racists. They are living in Occupied Palestine, and that is an Israel State. YOu can try and split that Hasbara hair, difference between Jew and Zionist, but the bottom line, some broke-back rabbi and all those racists in the IDF can't hold a candle to the power of this fucking relationship -- Musk and his X and his worthless influence prostrating himself to Bibi, whomever.



Richard rocks it:

BREAKING: Gaza Truce EXTENDED, Hostages Released, Elon Musk Visits "Israel" & More!



Musk reached an agreement with Israel “in principle” that internet access to Gaza may be provided through Starlink, but only using units operated by Israel and with the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Communications.

In October, CEO Musk had said that “Starlink will support connectivity to internationally recognised aid organisations in Gaza.”

As Gaza plunged into darkness after its communications blackout in October, social media users pleaded with Musk to provide the besieged enclave with internet access through Starlink.

The company uses satellite technology instead of cable technology to provide internet access, and also came to the aid of Ukraine when the country faced its own blackouts during its war with Russia.

Musk’s instant provision of Starlink access to Ukraine prompted people to call him out for having “double standards” when it came to Israel’s war on Gaza.

Israel has also previously opposed Starlink connectivity for Gaza, contesting that Hamas would use it for “terrorist activities”.


These fucking billionaires need to be taken out.

In the brief life-streamed conversation on X, Musk and Netanyahu agreed that Hamas needs to be eradicated – a mission that Israel has used as justification for its military offensive that has claimed overwhelmingly civilian lives.

“You first have to get rid of the poisonous regime as you did in Germany, as you did in Japan. Yeah, in World War II,” said Netanyahu.

Musk replied, “There’s no choice. There’s no choice.”

Israeli President Isaac Herzog told Musk during a meeting that he had a huge role to play in the global fight against anti-Semitism.


What the fuck does occupying and colonizing and demeaning Palestine by Israel have to do with Japan and Germany?

Fucking daft. Fucking daft.

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