Great piece. Opens your eyes, makes you think. Congratulations on both. Did not know the Professor. Know Dan through X. Will follow both.

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I would like to believe this scenario but it just looks like Israel is winning at this point. Look at all those dead children. But what is also disturbing is how many people in the West side with Israel. None of them seem to know the actual history, but continue regurgitating the same talking points. If you send them links to a video (a must watch is "Gaza’s Al-Shifa: A hospital on the brink" on Al Jazeera site) of what is happening in a hospital, they just ignore it. They literally don't care.

A lot of otherwise good people just shrugging off an obvious genocide.

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Thank you Dan for your very interesting and informative discussion with Dr. Marandi. It's been awhile since I have heard him speak.

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Dan, is it your opinion that when Steve Pieczenik told Alex Jones that the United States Armed Forces and some intelligence officials had carried out a coup against the U.S. government, he was lying?

"We are In a Military Coup" Says CIA Officer Involved in Removal of Three U.S. Presidents

Steve Pieczenik joined a secret military faction to bring down the Cabal


There's also the evidence that when Trump traveled to Saudi Arabia, London, the Vatican and Israel, he effectively took control of the House of Saud, the royal family, the Catholic Church and the Israeli government. This is laid out in "The Greatest Show on Earth"


Then there's the interesting remark he just made in New Hampshire that when he left office, Iran was broke. If Iran had been captured by the Cabal, logically the Iranian goverment would have helped rig the 2020 elections for "Biden," and that would justify the seizure of Iran's assets for election interference. So the USAF and the Iranian military would also control Iran right now.


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