Another outstanding expose from Dan Cohen! We're reminded of the PR stunt performed back in the lead-up to the first invasion of Iraq during the Papa Bush administration, namely the tall tale of Iraqi soldiers entering maternity wards, taking babies out of incubators, and throwing them on the floor! Another grotesque lie to garner support for the invasion. Those who willfully lie to incite hysterical outrage and to prep the masses for mass atrocities need to be categorized as accomplices to genocide.

We should all be on the phone to CNN demanding that this woman be sacked.

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Oct 15, 2023·edited Oct 15, 2023

Lighting doesn't strike the same place twice without something else going on. Someone feeds this reporter the info, she is likely a operative of intelligence agencies. Excellent work!

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Not only should Sara Sidner be fired, she should be put on trial for inciting mayhem--TWICE--with her lies (2011 and now).

There need to be consequences for such reckless behavior. We must make an example of this kind of treachery or else it'll just keep coming back for a repeat performance.

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This woman has blood on her hands.

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"Gaddafi supplies troops with Viagra to encourage mass rape" - Susan Rice said that, but who's idea was it? Person who made this up must've been pervert. They all are sick anyway.

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Dan - We would love to interview you on The Truth Expedition on Rumble, please reach out with availability - your work and insight is crucial in today's world - reach out and spread your message!

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Punishing all Palestinians for the actions of Hamas (of which only 45% of Palestinians support), is the same as FDR (a Democrat) punishing all Japanese Americans who lived left of an arbitrarily drawn line between Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Arizona---for Japan bombing Pearl Harbor. Japanese Americans were given 48 hours to report for detention. They were put up in horse stalls at the Santa Anita race track (and other despicable locations) until concentration camps were built, where they were interred for the duration. They were held without charges. All were considered to be dangerous subversives....even Karyl Matsumoto, who was an orphaned infant at the time. She was placed in the orphanage at Manzanar Concentration Camp outside of Lone Pine, California, and was later adopted by the couple who took care of the children. She went on to become mayor of South San Francisco.

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Alan Macleod has a great piece which touches on this, and the originator of the claim - https://www.mintpressnews.com/propaganda-blitz-how-mainstream-media-is-pushing-fake-palestine-stories/285992/

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Gaza: The Caged Context

DATE: October 13, 2023 AUTHOR: Dalal Iriqat

Since 2000, the IOF and settlers have murdered more than 11,000 Palestinians, while countless more have died from starvation, a collapsed medical system, injuries, poor air quality, and undrinkable water, all the results of the Zionist siege. In just the past six days, during the latest incursion, the IOF have already killed more than 2,000 additional Palestinians in Gaza through bombs and chemical weapons, while having also shot and killed hundreds of Palestinians in the West Bank and the ‘48 territories.

Israel is sustaining an Occupation with financial aid, free weapons, and institutional support from Western powers, ensuring that Jewish supremacy reigns over all of historic Palestine. Rather than being prosecuted for violations of the Geneva Convention, the Zionist regime's ethnic cleansing of the Indigenous population has been amply rewarded, while Palestinian resistance is criminalized both in Occupied Palestine and around the world.


🔻Kahanism and American Politics: The Democratic Party's Decades-Long Courtship of Racist Fanatics🔻

For over half a century, followers of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, colloquially called Kahanists – the most racist and most murderous Jewish political movement of modern times – have cultivated an alarming level of influence on both sides of the aisle.

This installment of Current Issues in Depth by investigative journalist David Sheen uncovers how

for decades, ostensibly liberal lawmakers at the highest levels of the Democratic Party have actively courted and embraced Kahanists, pandering to those who have sabotaged the struggle for Palestinian rights and enthusiastically promoted their ethnic cleansing.



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This nonsense has been happening forever. In around 1915 news reels showed Germans committing atrocities on women in Belgium, and posters were produced to show the brutality of the Hun. The governments worldwide and their henchmen, the media, lie routinely, but the gullible public seldom question authority. The Covid psyop was easy to pull off, because government has practiced their duplicity for decades.

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